June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, and while we want you to put safety first every day, we hope by focusing on safety this month we can help spread the word and awareness. We have a few simple tips that could help keep you and your family safe. Here are some things to consider…

1. Add non slip materials to the tub or shower: Bathrooms can be very dangerous because of the water, moisture and items on the floor. Tubs and showers can also create tripping and falling hazards. Consider adding non slip mats, tiles or strips to your shower or tub to help prevent accidents.

2. Find out where your main shut-off valve for you home water supply. If it is a dark or hard to reach spot, keep the tools you need close so when you do have emergency you can shut it off quick.

3. Water Heaters: If your shower heats up too quickly, or the water is too hot in general, check the settings of your home’s water heater. If it’s set higher than 120 degrees, consider lowering it to avoid injury.

4. Easy upgrades: Consider easy upgrades to your shower like a handheld or adjustable shower head. You can maneuver it easily and minimize your movement in the shower. Most of these are easy to install, but if you need help call a trusted plumbing professional.

5. Find out where the shut off is to all you water using appliances, like toilets, sink, refrigerators.

Safety doesn’t stop with these tips. Contact us today for a whole home plumbing inspection. We can offer other tips that can help keep your family safe at home. 507-645-4037