We offer a wide variety of water treatment as Kes Equipment & Sales, INC/Aqua Systems. We sell/maintain/repair reverse osmosis drinking systems, iron filtration equipment, and water softeners. You can stop by I LOVE MY WATER, facebook email gary.kes@kesequipment.com or call 507-645-4037.

In today's busy world you don't have time for a water softener that constantly needs service. At Kes Equipment & Sales, INC we understand that and have responded by building high quality water treatment products that are built to last through years of simple, trouble-free operation. Our water softeners and water filtration products feature a modular component design so the water softener system can be easily separated. Water softener control valves are tooled with quick tank connections so parts can be separated and switched out easily unlike most of today's "disposable" appliances. Kes Equipment & Sales INC also offers an exclusive component exchange program so, if repair is ever needed, components can be repaired in our facility, not your home. High quality does not mean high price. Kes Equipment & Sales, INC offers a comprehensive water treatment sales and service program that includes trained water professionals ready to assist you in choosing the best water softener system to professional installation, maintenance and repair. This complete "turnkey" water treatment solution program is priced to fit into most every budget. All our water softeners and water filtration products are backed by industry-leading warranties, reinforcing the quality and lasting value.