Jennifer S. in New Prague, MN
Date: 3/29/15 Project: Install or Replace a Bathtub
Very friendly and quick response, listened to what I wanted without high pressure up-sale.

Andrew W. in Faribault, MN
Date: 2/16/15 Project: Repair or Service a Water Heater
I can't really speak to the value for my money because this was covered under my home warranty, but the technician who came out was fantastic. It was easy to set up an appointment, they came quickly and on time, worked with the warranty, and did their job efficiently.

Rueben B. in Faribault, MN
Date: 12/3/14
Project: Install or a Replace Water Heater
Excellent Service

Aggie P. in Northfield, MN
Date: 10/1/14
Project: Change Filters in Reverse Osmosis Drinking System
Very helpful answering questions.

Kaya L. in Lakeville, MN
Date: 8/25/14
Project: Install or a Replace Water Softener
Great work and always seems to look our for your best interests

Megan R. in Cannon Falls, MN
Date: 8/2/14
Project: Install or a Replace Water Heater
Gary the scheduler was knowledgeable and helped me save over $400 by sugguesting an appropriate sized water heater for my home/number of people in home (went from 50 gallon down to 40 gallon). Lance was prompt, clean and professional. Lance also pointed out some important safety measure we should have in basement (husband not a good DIY guy) like a smoke alarm (when he realized his soldering didn't set one off. He is right! Great job! Informative and will hire again. Taught this semi-handy gal about the product well too.

Jim S. in Northfield, MN
Date: 7/25/14
Project: Misc Plumbing Work
Very knowledgeable and patient with my questions.

Beverly H. in Northfield, MN
Date: 7/14/14
Project: Misc Plumbing Work
Prompt and couteous service.

Brad L. in Faribault, MN
Date: 7/3/14
Project: Install or a Replace Water Heater
The people that came to the house were professionals of the highest order.

Wendy D. in New Prague, MN
Date: 7/1/14
Project: Install Sump Pump
I think your staff is very cordial and attentive. Especially the tech and the lady that answered the phones both out of Northfield.

Mike B. in Northfield, MN
Date: 3/14/14
Project: Install or Replace Water Heater
Installer did an excellent job. Honored price quoted, passed inspection.

Gordon O. in Northfield, MN
Date: 7/27/13
Project: Repair or Service a Water Heater
Comments: Great service. They were at my home within an hour of the call.

Howard S. in Northfield, MN
Date: 5/25/13
Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures Comments: On time, knowledgeable, friendly, professional

Peter B. in Lakeville, MN
Date: 4/21/13
Project: Repair or Replace a Sump Pump
Comments: Great work. Did a good of explaining the options. Work was completed quickly and efficiently.

Ed H. in Farmington, MN
Date: 4/2/12
Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater
Comments: Super fast, knowledgeable, informative. Very professional.  

Mary P. in Farmington, MN
Date 1/20/12
Project: Clean Out a Sewer
Comments: A call was made by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to me to let me know the service person would be arriving in 30 to 45 minutes . The service person arrived promptly. Looked over the situation to see what tools he would be needing. I had kitty litter in the main floor drain which had built up - then the air conditioning hose drained into the drain - end result - cement!! This took a little longer than what was thought - but the service person stuck with the job and now I have a super clean floor drain. I could not be happier!!  

Pat F. in Northfield, MN
Date: 12/16/12
Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater
Comments: Professional; on time, friendly & quality work.

Theresa D. in New Prague, MN
Date: 6/12/12
Project: Repair or Replace a Sump Pump
Comments: They were quick and able to fix issue extremely quick. Very professional.  

Gloria M. in Rosemount, MN
Date: 8/14/12
Project: Install Plumbing in a Remodel or Addition
Comments: Ben Franklin did a fantastic job on my plumbing project. Very satisfied. Plumber was most courteous, neat and professional. Would highly recommend this company. I'll definitely call them if/when I have another plumbing project.